USC Cornerback Admits to Lying About Saving a Drowning Boy

Josh Shaw confessed to school officials that he did not injure himself while saving his nephew from drowning.
11:10 | 08/28/14

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Transcript for USC Cornerback Admits to Lying About Saving a Drowning Boy
I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with big time college football set to kick off -- new season a shocking new twist. In the story of USC senior cornerback Josh Shaw who confessed to school officials last night that he was no hero. But his account of pulling this -- seven year old nephew from a pool. Sprained both his ankles as he leaped from a balcony to pull the boy to safety was all -- -- the tale began to unravel. After multiple cop calls to the school questioning the story. And just a couple days later the truth is finally beginning to emerge. We're expecting to hear from team officials and just a few moments first though we're joined by ABC's Lindsey Davis Lindsey you've been tracking this story. Walk us through what happened in the time between shop first old told -- story and how it all unraveled. Yeah I -- afternoon -- Michelle what in a week it's been a whirlwind line is Monday you have him being hailed as a hero right. Tuesday we begin to hear from the USC coach the first signs -- there was a bit of skepticism. By Wednesday he decides that he's gonna get a lawyer and he comes clean right we hear their heard this statement released by his attorneys said. I injured myself in a fall that we knew right but it was just that it was a made up story he went on to say I made up a story about this fall that was untrue. I was wrong to not tell the truth I apologized. To USC but what was so interesting right is that. On Tuesday when you have these people saying that this was there is some reason for skepticism. He not only. Continued to say it was adamant that he was telling the truth. But he. Listen I would do it again I would do it for any kid not just my nephew then we heard from his sister ABC had an interview with her audio anyway audio only but. We did have an interview with his sister who said she wasn't there. But that thanked god her brother was able to reacted and saved -- her her son's life who she said again. Couldn't swim that somebody else was supposed to be watching the -- at the time that somebody got distracted and then he. Jumped from the second story balcony. Got into the pool apparently wasn't able to uses -- it was able to get the nephew out of the pool and then uses upper arm strength to get out -- there -- a lot of deet tails that he told. But some people that he apparently had gotten to corroborate. The story but now we don't know exactly. What caused in his two ankles to be spring and really all we do know is that it did so maybe we're gonna hear more now. In this. In this press -- that's right Lindsey Davis thank you for getting us up to date and let's go to the press conference over gonna hear from USC officials now -- -- -- -- You know I'll reiterate the things that that we released yesterday you were -- disappointed and you were held a very high standard here USC and -- but again. I've known Josh off for six years when I first started recruit. Since I've got -- everybody spoke glowingly of him that had worked with them over the last few years here. Obviously we thought really very highly of -- he spoke at our commencement this past spring. So when he came to the story with us I didn't have a reason not to believe this guy -- I think that's where the level of disappointment kicks -- I feel bad we weren't able to -- -- The addressed. You know he suspended indefinitely obviously there's some some other things that have to take place but. In the meantime one he's got to take service health and and take care of himself and when the time's right at the -- right to bring him back we will -- -- you. Point. He was unable to you know he actually admitted to us that he was lying it was in the presence of his attorney. And so really that's a better question for his attorney he was it. He wasn't he didn't tell us and we are really pretty -- but -- Homers and -- is this meager defense as far as preparation. To you can rely on -- but now. I think it makes us younger quite honestly in the secondary go from a fit -- seniors to to plane maybe another freshman so. Are uses shows itself a little bit more -- still paper -- to back there. We will have to rely on guys have played football and keep on Seymour. Leon McQuay -- -- those guys as the Chris Hawkins the Adori Jackson's of the world get accustomed. To plan but -- I don't think it's a lack of talent -- we're OK there's just sheer experience. Richard leadership how much of the players basically right around themselves and think this -- -- -- abstraction. Board. I think it helps with guys and yet get the Hayes large in your locker in the voting Kessler's. The Nelson that you -- -- -- these guys opposite that there's some stuff. I think -- they do a good job of compartmentalizing things and focusing on football knows what it's time. And that show this week. They practice great. Here which is reminding. I think I think it goes both place I think that's part of being -- team. Again I think the relationship between our coaches or players as is a very good one one that we're proud of the relationship that we have. And I think he could ask anyone of those players it's that -- -- a two way street that the relationship we have with one another is is critical to our success but. -- it was suspended him indefinitely -- -- -- -- -- Well because it still we're still holding is still ongoing. So I don't think it -- be -- -- to put. An exact timeframe on it until we know everything that as it comes through its -- he still. Different authorities on campus and off campus looking -- -- stuff so. I -- -- -- that I wouldn't be fair to everybody involved. Yeah. Go back. We do you -- Stance. Then nine and I do but -- -- -- you know me well I don't spend a whole lot of time looking in the review here you know we made a decision. Again the type character that Joshua showed -- previously I felt no reason not to to support him. It's unfortunate it's it's unfortunate situation again we regret the fact that we release that article. As much to do with me -- anybody else but. You know moving forward -- will will be a little bit more patient I just. Like the last thing we need it was Josh roll around in a wheelchair ever seen what happened in return to confront it and it didn't work out force but. Again it's it's disappointing but we will not. Will always continue support Josh in his -- he's a Trojan. He made a mistake which kids make. We gotta be here. -- helped me a better than I -- that you're right. -- obviously it was everybody it was everybody involved. It's an -- last night music -- Hollywood. I didn't let him watch ESPN yesterday tied for all the right reasons just I want -- I don't -- -- you -- -- -- Program could -- I really don't know -- I don't have time to look at social media and watch TV on -- on a Wednesday game week you know. Obviously this this university is a prestigious one very proud one. And deservedly so rightfully so. And we do everything every day that we come out on this practice field or in our community here in the classroom to represent the university of the highest character integrity. And we'll continue to do that. Our guests thank you. And you just heard from USC's head coach Steve certain key Asian. We got talking about the disappointment that he had Lindsay of course and hearing other changes story in Josh Shaw story give us an idea of what your reaction is listening to coach -- you know the one thing that the coaches say and and kind of reiterating from yesterday is he still supporting Josh you know he was one of the first people who came out and said this. Isn't the Josh that I know we're gonna continue to that the story then once it was realized that Josh had in fact -- he said. You know he still hope that the team would rally around him and we heard just now to -- you know kids make mistakes essentially that he hopes it. The team will continue to support him in that he's still. Trojan but you know he likely may be in trouble with the school -- yet her remains to be -- they're gonna have their first. Gained today on Saturday against Fresno stay there gonna play that game obviously without -- one of their one of their star players one of their starters. But what's interesting I think now is to see the next shoe to drop right and that's. Was he doing something that was in fact criminal. His lawyer says. That he wasn't but you have to wonder you know this this one main question here is what did he do that was either so wrong or so embarrassing. That he thought that the best course of action was to come up with. This elaborate lie you know they entered -- LE PDU released this statement yesterday. Saying that show is mentioned but not named a suspect in a break in and an apartment building the same night that he claimed to be rescuing. His nephew. -- his lawyer has also put him at the same location where this break in apparently occurred he says that. This apartment complex is where -- in fact. Sprained both of his -- -- still a lot of questions here and. Lindsay also we should note that of course the USC's head coach announcing that Shaw is. Suspended until further notice he said until this whole investigation to play out and they can figure out. What's truth and what's fiction and as you mentioned LAPD also investigating in this gives us an idea of what the LAPD statement. Sure it sounds like there was a woman who was screaming frantically the police were called -- directed to this apartment which apparently belong to. His girlfriend it appeared that there'd been some -- break in that the rear window had been pried open and that window -- out to the balcony. Someone described her several people in complex described a male into his girlfriend said sounded like it fit Shaw's description. So that's where we are we don't know if it is -- that he was part of of of a burglary there of a break in at that apartment complex but. People said that they are able to the police in or someone who looks like him. At that apartment complex and this is the same apartment complex that his own lawyer says. That heat where -- sustained his injury. It's -- of course we'll hear probably more from his attorney what we do know now is that Josh -- has certainly. Changed his story although we do not know the details of that Lindsey Davis I know you'll be following this for us next January much. And you of course can keep up with this story and real time by downloading an ABC news -- And starring this story for exclusive updates on the go I'm Michelle Franzen and New York.

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{"id":25164514,"title":"USC Cornerback Admits to Lying About Saving a Drowning Boy","duration":"11:10","description":"Josh Shaw confessed to school officials that he did not injure himself while saving his nephew from drowning.","url":"/Sports/video/usc-cornerback-admits-lying-saving-drowning-boy-25164514","section":"Sports","mediaType":"default"}