Five worst players named All-Stars

Alfredo GriffinCliff Welch/Icon SMI

The All-Star teams will be announced during the Taco Bell All-Star Selection Show (Sunday, 7 p.m. ET on ESPN/WatchESPN), and even with 34 players on each roster, fans will immediately erupt on social media that some player was viciously snubbed and baseball needs to change the selection rules to correct this crime against humanity.

Rather than complain about snubs, though, they should cross their fingers that no non-stars will be selected, like these Five Worst Players Who Never Should Have Been All-Stars, listed in reverse chronological order:

1. Alfredo Griffin (1984)

Griffin was AL Rookie of the Year in 1979 and played 18 seasons, but he also had a career WAR of just 2.9 and a .546 OPS when he made the team in 1984. Why was he an All-Star that year? He happened to be in town when another All-Star got hurt.

2. Steve Swisher (1976)

No, not Nick Swisher -- I mean his father, Steve, who hit a career .216 with a .581 OPS. And he still made the 1976 All-Star team despite batting .216. But this is what happens when you're the NL manager and required to name at least one Cub to the team.

3. Joe DeMaestri (1957)

A career .236 hitter, DeMaestri has the lowest career WAR (minus-4.0) of any position player who made an All-Star team, which he did in 1957 with the Kansas City Athletics. Fortunately, he did not play. It was bad enough KC fans had to watch him every day. Why make everyone else, too?

4. Billy Hunter (1953)

A career .219 hitter, Hunter somehow made the All-Star team for the St. Louis Browns in 1953 when he hit .219 with one home run and a .512 OPS. If he was considered an All-Star for St. Louis, no wonder the Browns drew only 297,000 fans and moved to Baltimore.

5. Frankie Zak (1944)

Never heard of him? No wonder. Zak, a shortstop, played a total of 123 games in three seasons with the Pirates. But he made the NL All-Star team in 1944 despite having only 25 hits, five RBIs and no home runs before the break. Well, Stan Musial and Pee Wee Reese were serving in the military.