Looking to Score Legal Marijuana? Check Your iPhone

New medicinal marijuana iphone app

Smoking marijuana is known to have an adverse effect on memory and concentration, but now, thanks to a new iPhone application, even the foggiest of users should be able to locate their connection -- make that medicinal marijuana provider -- with relative ease.

Launched by AJNAG (Activists Justifying the Natural Agriculture of Ganja), a Web-based community advocating for medical marijuana, the Cannabis app takes those seeking medicinal marijuana through the entire process of obtaining it. The app is downloadable from Apple's store for $2.99.

"Our goal is to put the power of cannabis change in your pocket while you enjoy the most sticky and potent iPhone application available!" the founders say in a statement on their Web site.

Here's how it works. The application displays an interactive map dotted with doctors who can prescribe medicinal marijuana treatment for their patients.

It also shows -- after, presumably, users have procured prescriptions -- the medicinal marijuana suppliers within the users' vicinity. And, what's more, the application includes a database of lawyers who specialize in marijuana-related cases, in should users encounter skeptical local authorities.

Comparing Apps to Apps

To help with grassroots media campaigning, the developers also say they will donate 50 cents for every "Cannabis" purchase to a non-profit reform fund, which they say will be set up once the application reaches 1,000 subscriptions.

Just remember -- Cannabis only works in states where marijuana has been legalized, so if you've scored tickets to a Grateful Dead show in, say, Alabama, don't expect Cannabis to help you score anything else.

And there are myriad other programs taking advantage of the growth of wireless handheld devices.

Here's a small sampling:

MasterCard App Helps Consumers Find the 'Priceless'

In the near future, technology experts contend, our consumer decisions will be informed in large part by user-generated content accessible through handheld devices.

Hungry and looking for a restaurant? Plug your location into a search engine and peruse the results. Not sure whether you want to see a film? Find it on a review aggregator and see what others have said about it.

MasterCard's new iPhone application, named "Priceless Picks," capitalizes on the upswing in this consumer trend. The free app will allow users to record and categorize favorite stores, restaurants and other consumer locations, and recommend these favorite spots to others. The idea here, according to a press release on the MasterCard Web site, is to give "consumers a location-based utility to find and share their favorite picks with friends and family."

"With the capabilities of the iPhone, we've taken 'Priceless Picks' to a new level, taking advantage of the portability of the device and enabling users to quickly and easily identify and share unique experiences in a chosen locale," said Chris Jogis, senior vice president of U.S. marketing for MasterCard Worldwide.

Craving Pizza? Just Download the App

In a move sure to thrill its laziest customers, Pizza Hut unveiled Friday its new iPhone application that allows users to order pizza without so much as dialing a number. Simply type in your order, then sit back and wait until it arrives.

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