New Application Brings iPhone Into the Bedroom

Photo: Judgment day â?? in the bedroom, at least â?? has arrived.

Guys and gals, take notice: Judgment day -- in the bedroom, at least -- has arrived.

"Passion," the latest inflammatory application developed for Apple's iPhone, can supposedly evaluate your significant other's, ahem, sexual skill set. And, beyond bringing technology one step further into the realm of the bizarre, "Passion," which was released July 26, is raising a hubbub in the blogosphere and among tech junkies.

"Turn the Passion app on, stick it on the bed, explain to your partner that you're looking for an empirical ranking of your boudoir skills," writes Loz Blain of the tech blog Gizmag.

Designed by a University of Texas-Austin sophomore, Chris Alvares, the application "measures how well you perform during sex, and gives you a rating from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest," according to a blog post on Alvares' Web site announcing the application.

In determining how well you perform in the sack, "Passion" takes into consideration three factors: activity, measured by the iPhone's "accelerometer"; duration, measured by its timer; and orgasm, measured by its microphone.

"All you have to do is start the application, put your iPhone on the bed, in an arm band, or even in your pocket and have intercourse," reads the blog post. "It is as easy as that."

It's unclear whether "Passion" will meet the same fate as other controversial applications, but for the moment, it's available in the iPhone application store for $4.99 (though only for U.S. customers).

And there are myriad other app developers taking advantage of the growth of wireless handheld devices.

Here's a small sampling:

iPhone App Locates Sex Offenders

To the list of items that can be easily located with an iPhone (pizza joints, coffee shops, nearby friends), here's one addition that might surprise you: sex offenders.

Launched by ThinAir Wireless, a GPS-tracking and wireless monitoring company, the Offender Locator iPhone application lets users view registered sex offenders living in their area.

The app comes in free and paid versions, but after nearly two months in the App store, the 99-cent application is among the ten best-selling paid apps. Amid the games and entertainment applications, Offender Locator has grabbed the sixth spot on the list.

The company says the app is one part of its suite of "Peace of Mind" products (other services include a GPS tracking system for teenagers and an alert system that sends subscribers real-time text messages from government agencies about weather and emergency situations).

"The offender locator is kind of like the first step in peace of mind – who's your neighbor," said ThinAir Wireless CEO Howard "Trip" Wakefield. "Our goal is really to allow parents to be aware of the different people that are just living right around the corner from them."

App Pinpoints Registered Sex Offenders in a Neighborhood

Although he wouldn't provide specific numbers, he said both the free and paid versions have been downloaded tens of thousands of times since early June. The free version doesn't provide all of the locations of sex offenders in the area and only lets users access the app a limited number of times each day.

The app prompts users to type in their address and then generates a map of the area with pinpoints showing where sex offenders have said they live.

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