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Facebook is adding facial recognition software. The new technology will make it easier to identify friends in the photos you upload. It works by matching new photos to others that have already been tagged, then suggests people you may want to tag. The feature will begin rolling out next week.

Bing and Facebook

Microsoft's search engine Bing is getting more social, with a little help from Facebook. It's rolling out a major upgrade over the next few weeks. Search results will feature recommendations and other information from your Facebook friends. Bing is also teaming up with other sites to make it easier to do things like buy tickets to sporting events or make reservations at restaurants.

Facial RecognitionPlay
Facial Recognition

Army & iPhones

The Army has a new recruit: smartphones. It could begin deploying iPhones, Androids and Blackberrys to the battlefield this spring. The devices would help soldiers communicate, gather intelligence and get real-time feedback on the ground.

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