Cockatoo Boogies His Way Into Science

Last Wednesday, she celebrated her 21st birthday, according to Reuters. The dachshund, from Port Jefferson, N.Y., received a certificate from Guinness World Records marking the occasion.

"Chanel is the Guinness world record holder for the oldest living dog," said Jamie Panas, a spokeswoman for Guinness World Records.

The record authority reviewed a veterinarian's certificate, photographs and statements from four witnesses to verify the dog's age.

The Grim Reap-Purr

For his knack for knowing when people are about to die, Oscar the cat made it into the New England Journal of Medicine last summer.

Officials at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rhode Island said the cat curled up next to 25 patients right before they died.

The hospital even gave him a plaque for providing compassionate hospice care.

Man's Best Friend… Really

This dog can do way more than roll over and shake hands.

When Buddy's owner had a seizure, the German shepherd remembered his training and saved his owner's life by calling 911, the Associated Press reported in September.

It wasn't the first time Buddy came to the rescue for his owner, Joe Stalnaker, of Phoenix, police said. Buddy has made two other 911 calls when his owner was in trouble.

On a recording of the recent 911 call, Buddy can be heard whimpering and barking to the dispatcher. Police were immediately sent to Stalnaker's home. Stalnaker was brought to the hospital and recovered two days later.

Officials said police are dispatched whenever 911 is called, but Stalnaker's home was flagged in the system so that police knew a trained assistance dog could call 911 when the owner was in trouble.

Ninja Turtle

This uni-flipper wonder is a fighter.

Researchers think Allison, a five-year-old green sea turtle, lost her flipper in a shark attack.

But Sea Turtle Inc., a not-for-profit in South Padre Island, Texas, helped outfit the turtle with a black neoprene suit with a carbon-fiber dorsal fin on the back that allows her to swim with other turtles.

Without the attached fin, Allison can only swim in circles.

Glow-in-the-Dark Dogs

In regular light, they look like any other litter of puppies. But turn out the lights and put them under ultraviolet rays and they'll start to glow red.

South Korean scientists say they've used cloning techniques to engineer the world's first transgenic dogs.

The four dogs, all named "Ruppy" (a combo of "ruby" and "puppy"), glow red under ultraviolet light, and their nails and abdomens look red to the naked eye.

Seoul National University professor Lee Byeong-chun, head of the research team, said the techniques could help develop cures for human diseases.

A Barking Boar: Piglet Wants to Be Like a Pooch

Abandoned by his mother, this wild baby boar was adopted by a German family. But now that Manni has made friends with the family's Jack Russell terrier, he seems to think he's a bit of a pup too.

According to Germany's Der Spiegel, the pooch and the piglet are so tight, Manni's learning how to bark.

Wilhelm Karl Dahlhaus, the head of Manni's adopted family, told Der Spiegel, "The pair play together every day. They play hide and seek, romp around in the hedges and bushes and just have a lot of fun together."

Amadeus Meow-zart?

Here's a cat you won't forget.

Fatso has been dead for years, but this cat's piano skills are turning him into a posthumous Internet sensation.

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