Device Seeks to Jam Covert Digital Photographers

Additionally, the system can only function indoors for now. The researchers say the system "would need to be modified extensively" to handle large outdoor settings, such as a concert venue.

The Georgia Tech researchers say they have patented their design work and are actively seeking a commercial partner to take it out of the labs. In the meantime, they are still exploring ways to beef up their system, as well as find other vulnerabilities.

"We look at a lot of the attack methods that people could look to take in order to try and defeat this," says Patel. But, "For an average consumer armed with a camera phone, it'll be hard to defeat."

But even if they kill all of the bugs from the digital detection system, it won't be a picture perfect defense for privacy and security advocates. Since traditional film-based cameras don't use electronic imaging sensors to capture visuals, really sly spies will still have a way to steal a surreptitious shot.

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