Going for the Green: Gifts that Give Back

While the XBox and PS3 have more processing power than the Wii, Nintendo takes pride in limiting their environmental footprint. The company has gone one step further with the introduction of the first environmentally-friendly game for its portable Nintendo DS system --"Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol."

In the game, players take on the persona of Chibi, a cute robot, and clean up a park by planting flowers, building park equipment and defeating toxic enemies called Smoglings. Players control actions like watering plants or riding a bike. Chibi's good deeds are converted into Happy Points that power him and the friends he meets along the way. Enjoy the comic mischief and learn the importance of maintaining our parks.


Legendary power peripheral producer APC is adding some smarts to its latest power strip; the newest incarnation can save users up to $40 per year on their electric bills compared with competitors' models.

The latest Back-UPS takes the common sense advice of turning off the lights when leaving a room to heart. This new power center has space for a master plug that can sense when your computer is in sleep mode and automatically eliminates power supply to unnecessary peripherals like speakers and printers.

Users will also appreciate the protection provided from damaging surges and spikes and the up to 70-minute battery backup available during power outages.

XO: One Laptop Per Child's "Give One Get One" Program

Most of the nearly two billion children in the developing world are inadequately educated; the individual and societal consequences of this global crisis are profound. Sending money or text books may seem like an inefficient way to help and that is why the non-profit One Laptop Per Child developed a revolutionary machine – the XO, best known as the "$100 computer."

The XO is a potent learning tool created expressly for the world's poorest children, living in its most remote environments. The laptop was designed as a rare combination of form and function; a low-cost, power-efficient and durable computer with which nations of the emerging world can potentially leapfrog decades of underdevelopment.

The recyclable XO consumes the least power of any computer; it requires just one-tenth of the electrical power necessary to run a typical laptop. It also minimizes toxic materials (there is zero mercury in the display), works with renewable power sources like human and solar.

In the spirit of holiday generosity, One Laptop Per Child is presenting a limited time program of, "Give 1 Get 1." For $399, consumers can purchase two XO laptops -- one that will be sent to a child in a developing nation, and one for their own children.

Donations of XO laptops are regularly $200 and unavailable in North America.

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