Great Gadgets for Father's Day

PHOTO: Fathers Day gadgets

Getting the perfect Father's Day gift isn't easy, especially in this economy. But for the gadget-inclined dad, we've included a toy for nearly any budget. Here are 11 gadgets that might make dad light up on his day.

iPhone 3GS

If the iPhone had a screwdriver attachment this list would be one item long. Apple isn't releasing the newest version of its world-conquering hardware until this weekend for no reason. The iPhone really does satisfy every need just in time for Father's Day.

It has traditional iPod capabilities for the musically inclined pop, video for the family documentarian, and millions of apps including rangefinders and scorecards for the dad who likes to spend his Sundays on the golf course. The possibilities are endless, and now with a recession-friendly $99 iPhone, it's sure to be a popular option.

Price: $199 with video and a $99 videoless option at starting June 19.


It might cost a pretty penny, but it's hard to beat more than 300,000 publications at your fingertips. At about a third of an inch thick, the Kindle easily fits into an already packed life, assuming you don't snap it in half.

Of course, for the dad who's going green, there's always the added benefit of no more wasted paper, and with an entirely free 3G network it's quicker than stopping at the newsstand for the morning paper.

Price: $359.00 at

Waterproof Digital Cameras, Connected GPS Devices

Pentax Optio W60 Digital Camera

Everything looks better underwater. Pentax's extreme weather-enduring digital camera is perfect for fun in the sun and on the slopes.

An enhanced design makes this 10-megapixel wonder able to withstand up to 13 feet of water. With features like HD Video recording, face recognition and even an underwater movie mode, this handy little recorder can keep dad busy even on the laziest of Sundays.

Price: $239.88 at J&

Tom Tom Go 740 GPS

The Tom Tom GO 740 Live is an Internet-connected GPS unit offering real-time traffic, live access to fuel listings and live Google local search. This also allows for quicker satellite fixes and the use of historical traffic patterns to calculate a more accurate arrival time.

Speech recognition capability lets you use your voice to give commands, and advanced lane guidance shows you which lane to stay in when the highway splits. Using Google Local Search you can find local restaurants and businesses or search for the cheapest gas station in the area.

Price: $369.95 at

Floating Speakers, Compact Camcorders

Weatherproof Floating Wireless Speaker

Picturing dad lounging around the pool might be a little stereotypical around Father's Day, but at least let him enjoy it with his favorite tunes. Our partners at Thrillist have put together their own Father's Day gadget guide, and have included this weatherproof speaker system, which can be submerged in up to nine feet of water.

With a range of 150 feet and the ability to add up to 10 speakers, this floating music maker can power a party for nearly six hours at a time.

Price: $100.00 at Neiman Marcus.

Flip Video MinoHD -- Ultra Slim HD Camcorder (720p)

Quick USB connectivity and compact design make this miniature HD camcorder ideal for the dad on the go. With four gigs of storage dad can record up to 60 minutes of HD quality video, which can be easily e-mailed or published to the Web simply by hooking it up to a computer.

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