CES 2006: Picks and Pans

The Crap Master: The Universal Laser Systems VersaLaser might be a pick for some trade shows, but not this one. This $7695 (and up!) behemoth stands some 3 feet high and laser-etches images that you scan onto wood, marble, cloth, paper, and virtually any other material, according to the company. The next time you go to Hawaii and see surfboards and hula girls embedded in tchochkes, you'll know how they got there. --Narasu Rebbapragada

Really Useless Product Award: Nite Ize's Illuminated Flying Disc takes the prize. Imagine a Frisbee with LEDs that costs $20. Now if it only came with a built-in MP3 player... --Steve Bass

We're at the Wrong Show Award:Wind Spinners have nothing to do with electronics, but they're sure eye-catching. Who knows, maybe next year they'll have an MP3 version. Not sure what a Wind Spinner is? Watch a video of them in action. --Steve Bass

NDAs 'til PMA: We saw quite a few new and upcoming digital cameras and printers at CES 2006, but unfortunately aren't able to let you know about all of them. Many products were shown under nondisclosure agreements until they're officially unveiled in late February at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) tradeshow. Tune in then! --Danny Allen

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