Bill Gates Retires, Symbian Goes Open Source

9. Oracle seeking billions in damages from SAP: Oracle reckons that SAP owes the company at least $1 billion for damages caused by its TomorrowNow subsidiary. Oracle sued SAP and TomorrowNow in 2007, claiming that TomorrowNow staff illegally accessed Oracle's Web site and pilfered information to use for courting Oracle customers. A court document filed Tuesday marked the first time that Oracle assigned a dollar figure to the incident, which the company labeled "corporate theft on a grand scale " in its original complaint. The case goes to trial in February 2010.

10. Yahoo defends Google deal to shareholders and Yahoo trumpets reorganization: Another week, another chapter in the Yahoo-Microsoft-Google saga. Yahoo shareholders received a letter on Wednesday justifying the company's Google advertising deal. The tie-up, which places Google ads beside some of Yahoo's search results, will generate $250 million to $450 million in cash flow in the first year. Allowing Microsoft to purchase Yahoo's search business would have ceded too much control to Microsoft, including the right to block a sale of the company, wrote Chairman Roy Bostock and CEO Jerry Yang. Yahoo executives denied Microsoft's original two offers to purchase the company, upsetting investors who believed that Yahoo abandoned its fiscal duties by not negotiating a buyout. Yahoo made news again on Thursday when it announced yet another reorganization, its latest in the last 18 months. This revamp will centralize its product development operations and create a business region for U.S. advertising, users and Web publishers.

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