Pixel Tags Don't Threaten Your Online Privacy and Security


Problem Isn't Technology but How It's Used; Solution is Public-Private Partnership

But the malefactor is the spammer, not the technology itself. What we need is a partnership between the government and companies in which the companies inform the government as to the law-enforcement ramifications of their new technologies, plus sufficient funding so the government has the resources to go after the bad guys.

Overall, we consumers are greatly benefited by pixel tags and cookies. The Internet is a vast sea of people and information. Pixel tags make it much easier for us to find what we need and want and for companies to find people who want what they're selling.

There is a lot of information on the web about cookies and tags and privacy concerns. If you'd like more information, I've included some links below. While you're researching, you might want to notice how well suited the ads are to your life.

Prudential discusses the use of cookies on their website.

Google discusses pixel tags and web beacons.

Yahoo provides a brief explanation of web beacons.

A legal view of web beacons.

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Learn more about cyber safety on "20/20's" "We Find Them" page.

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