'Anti-Troll' Marblar Unites NASA Patents, Samsung to Crowdsource New Products

If a Marblar idea is incorporated into a company's newest product, all Marblar contributors stand to collect and share 10 percent of the royalties.

Samsung isn't the only major company interested in bringing some ideas to life. Perez says there are several other companies across the globe that are eager to partner with Marblar.

"They want the tech to be commercialized, as well," he said.

Marblar is expected to have more than 2,000 different patents at its fingertips in the next three months.

The patent system has been accused of stifling innovation in its current state. From Apple's court battle with Samsung to the fight over a breast cancer gene, patents have become more associated with litigation than productivity.

"Patent trolls buy up patents to extract money, with no intention of actually creating a product," he said. "Marblar is like the anti-troll. We're looking for new ways to commercialize."

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