There's an 'Ape' at the International Space Station

PHOTO: Scott Kelly had some fun in an ape suit at the International Space StationPlayShuttleCDRKelly/Twitter
WATCH Astronaut Scott Kelly Blasts Off for #YearinSpace

Spending one year in space would make most people go bananas.

American astronaut Scott Kelly, who is scheduled to come home next week after spending one year in space, donned an ape suit in a hilarious and slightly terrifying video shared by his identical twin, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, who remained on terra firma as part of the year-long experiment.

The brothers, who just celebrated their 52nd birthdays on Sunday, will be reunited next month. Both are participating in a "twin study" for NASA, which is studying the impact the year living in space had on Scott Kelly and compare his results to his brother Mark, who has been on Earth for the past year.