CES 2013 Kicks Off, But Is Giant Trade Show Losing Steam?


CES 2013: Giant Tech Trade Show? Or Fading?

But even if the Samsungs, Sonys, Toshibas and Panasonics of the world don't release any jaw-dropping products, the show has become a ground for future technologies and innovation. "Most of the advancements that we see at CES seem to be more in terms of standards and new technologies that multiple companies get behind, particularly in the home audio-visual space -- Blu-ray, 3-D, Smart TV, OLED, UltraHD, higher-speed Wi-Fi," Rubin said.

Many predict this year's show will be a big one for even higher-resolution HDTVs (Ultra HDTVs), future car technology, digital health and wellness tools, and home automation.

But whether or not the show ultimately cedes more and more ground to other events and company-sepcific gatherings, there will still be thousands descending on Las Vegas next week looking for a glimpse of the future. In the words of the CEA's Shapiro, "I'm pretty pumped."

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