The Daily: Rupert Murdoch Unveils First iPad-Only Newspaper


Though The Daily's content lives behind a paywall online, others can access stories shared with them by subscribers through Facebook, Twitter and also e-mail.

The new iPad paper also features weather reports, astrology, a customizable and interactive sports page and Sudoku and crossword puzzles.

"I think this is potentially the future of newspaper publishing," said Lance Ulanoff, editor-in-chief of "People still love newspapers, and they love it because it's prepackaged content."

How Quickly Will People Adopt to the New Paper?

Despite the abundance of online news, Ulanoff said, people are still subscribing to newspapers because they can still get easy, low-cost news delivered straight to them.

"It's curated topics and it's specifically created content for that product, and people like that. That's why they're still subscribing to newspapers right now."

Thanks to Verizon, The Daily will be free to iPad users for two weeks, but after that it will have to sink or swim on its own.

The cost is low enough to not deter potential subscribers, Ulanoff said.

"I don't know whether or not it'll be successful, though," he said. "It's how quickly people adopt it and how good the content is."

The Daily may be the first iPad newspaper, but it still has to compete with all of the newspapers, magazines, blogs and books that users can already access on the new device.

And Ulanoff pointed out that though it may be full of new media bells and whistles, it's still missing one newspaper staple: the comics.

"Where are my comics?" he quipped. "It's a daily newspaper. Give me my Dagwood. Give my my Blondie. Give my Peanuts."

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