Distracted Driving: How Bad Are Texting or Cellphones Behind the Wheel?


Distracted Drivers: A Full Ban on Cellphones?

Jennifer Smith is the president of Focus Driven, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about distracted driving and stopping drivers from using their cellphones. She has one mission: a complete ban on cellphone use while driving -- no handheld, no hands-free and no texting. To her, this is a life-or-death fight.

"When you're driving a car and talking on the phone, you're putting the life of every single person on the road in jeopardy, and that's people's mothers and fathers and children and friends," she said.

Her dedication to the fight against distracted drivers is personal. In 2008 Smith's mother, Linda Doyle, died in a car accident. Twenty-year-old Chris Hill -- chatting on his cellphone -- drove right through a red light he never noticed. He slammed into Doyle's car at about 45 miles per hour.

Still think you can drive distracted? Watch four drivers -- including 23-year-old Brett Trusow, who has a Facebook group where he brags about texting and driving -- test their skills on the smart road at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. The road is riddled with unforeseen road hazards, as well as texting tasks. How will our participants fare? Tune in this Friday at 10 p.m. ET to find out.

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