Want the New iPad? How to Sell Your Old One


It asks you questions about your item and then does the comparison shopping for you, showing you what Gazelle and other sites will pay for it. It also gives you recycling opportunities for used electronics.

Right now, there aren't many partner sites for trade-in, so the recycling program is more expansive. But it's nice to know where you can recycle used electronics in your area without waiting for your town's electronic waste day.

Top Tips for Reselling

Regardless of which site you choose to sell or recycle an old gadget, you would do well to follow a few best practices:

The earlier, the better.

Put your item up for sale as soon as you make the decision. The closer you get to a new release, the lower the value of your item.

Shop around.

Get prices from a few different sites and compare to find the best deal.

Also, decide if you really want the cash. Best Buy's trade-in program gives you more money if you take a gift card, less if you take cash.

If you can't sell it, recycle it.

Do yourself and the environment a favor and get it out of your kitchen drawers and into the hands of a company that will recycle it responsibly.

Delete your data.

Before you send anything in to resell, make sure all your personal information is wiped from it. It's best to restore the device to its original factory settings to be sure everything is deleted. For full details on how to erase the contents of your iPad, see Apple's tutorial here.

Get Your Apple Refund

If you just couldn't wait any longer and purchased a first-generation iPad from Apple in the last two weeks, you can bring it back to an Apple store before March 16 and Apple will give you a $100 refund to make up for the company dropping the price by $100.

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