Social Media Jobs: Are They For You?


"Facebook has already been embroiled in several debates surrounding its users privacy, ownership of uploaded or deactivated content, as well as what happens to an account after a user's death," Levendowski said. "New forms of online content are constantly being generated, and understanding how that content works may be critical in developing new legislation which protects users."

She said her position with the NCAC was ideal because it combines her interest in IP law, and requires skills she knows intuitively.

"[Our generation] doesn't have to spend house learning how to Tweet, or learning about what a hashtag is. We use it all the time," she said. "We grew up with the Internet."

Social Media Jobs: Qualifications

If the traditional resume and cover letter doesn't cut it for careers in social media, then what does?

As Soto of One Social Media is trying to fill his social media openings, he said he is looking for someone who is "a believer, user, and implementer" of various platforms.

According to Rotolo, it's "excellent communication skills and a passion for connecting with people on the web."

It helps to have an established online "brand," or some kind of portfolio and website to showcase existing work.

If applicants can establish brands for themselves, it makes it more likely that they can grow the brand of the company they are working for -- or in the case of the Tiger Blood intern, "promote and develop the social media network of Hollywood's most trending celebrity."

This means that job seekers should be well-versed in a number of social networking sites, including LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace, and emerging networks such as Quora, a social Q&A site.

Job postings can be found on websites such as, a website about social and digital media news.

While younger applicants may appear to have the edge in this industry, Rotolo says it's not a rule of thumb.

"There are many examples of successful social media professionals who are more senior," he said. "It is more important that the individual possess the right experience to meet the organization's needs … and have a deep knowledge of its customers and culture."

Soto said the perfect of example of this is found within his own company. While almost everyone on his staff is under 30, he has one social media sales consultant that is 52 years old. "And she's my top sales person." reporter Danielle Waugh is a member of the ABC News on Campus program in Syracuse, N.Y.

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