Steve Jobs Show Shares 'Shocking' Details From Factory Floor


Attempts to reach Foxconn for comment weren't immediately successful. In September, after reports that 11 Foxconn factory employees committed suicide, Foxconn founder Terry Gou told Bloomberg Businessweek that the company would increase wages 30 percent for factory workers in Shenzhen and implement another wage increase later in the year. The company also said it set up a 24-hour counseling center for employees and installed netting around its buildings to catch potential jumpers.

But Daisey said he observed something like an "alternate universe."

Daisey: We Divorce Technology Manufacturing From Consumer Use

"We exported our jobs, but none of our labor values," he said.

Steve Jobs has revolutionized how consumers use technology, Daisey said, but he has also played a key role in shaping how those technologies are actually brought into existence.

"Especially in technology, we separate the manufacturing of the thing so far from the actual use of the thing," he said.

Just like the organic food movement started pushing people to ask where their food comes from, Daisey hopes his show will encourage people to start asking about where their technology comes from.

"It is very clear to me that change could come to these places if people care. If corporations had pressure," he said. "I hope [the show] stirs them and disturbs them. I hope that it provokes them in the best sense of the word. I hope it shakes them loose so they feel stirred to some sort of action…. To write Apple."

But noting last weeks' news of Jobs' latest medical leave, Daisey said he knows the company might be on the verge of facing its greatest challenge yet.

As Jobs Takes Medical Leave, Apple Could Face Its Greatest Challenge

"I was really blindsided and crushed by the news," he said.

Daisey said that given Jobs' enigmatic and mercurial personality, the odds of change coming to labor practices of the manufacturers used by Apple seem higher with him in charge.

"I worry that a company without him at the head will not be as nimble as that," he said. But he added that an Apple without Jobs could be a different place altogether.

"It is hard for me to imagine an Apple without Steve Jobs. I think it'll be even harder for Apple to imagine itself without Steve Jobs," he said. "The greatest challenge of Apple's existence is to understand what it means if Steve is not there. I think they're actually a part of each other in a very deep way."

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