'Mario' Creator Explores 'Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon'

Q: Nintendo is calling this the "Year of Luigi," and we're celebrating him, but what is Luigi after ... Is he going to save Mario. Is he going to get the girl? There are rumors that Princess Daisy is the princess for Luigi ... this could be her chance to shine.

A: (Laughter) I'll talk to Mr. Tezuka. (Producer on the current series of "New Super Mario Bros." games.)

Q: Daisy and Wario aren't original "Mario Bros." series characters, but they're invited to the Mario Karts, they're invited to the tennis matches … Why don't these characters ever take part in the Mario storylines?

A: Both Daisy and Wario were originally drawn as part of the "Mario Land" games and had the same illustrator. The art style of those games was different from the "Mario World" series with Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, and for a long time that was the reason that we didn't have those characters enter into each other's stories.

Through the sports games, then you started to see the overall character lineup grow a little more. What's interesting is, because we've moved into an era where the characters have moved from some of the hand-drawn or the 2-D illustration style into the full 3-D model style, the differences between the art styles are no longer there. So, although originally we never had them entering each other's stories because of the different art styles of the different games, perhaps now we don't have to follow that condition anymore.

On "Super Mario 64" for the DS, that game did, in fact, have a multiplayer mode that Wario appeared in.

Q: Back to the Year of Luigi. Do you have a brother?

A: I have an older brother, and I have a younger sister, as well.

Regretfully, we neglected to ask whether there was a lost Super Mario sister. "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon" is available now for the Nintendo 3DS.

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