Water Polo Star Nathan Kotylak Nabbed on Facebook for Allegedly Setting Police Car on Fire in Post-Stanley Cup Riots


Online Anger Against Nathan Kotylak Continues to Fester

Facing criminal charges, Kotylak was suspended from his last days of school, missed his high school graduation and is at risk of losing his scholarship to the University of Calgary, according to his lawyer.

Pending the outcome of its own investigation and a formal hearing, Water Polo Canada has prohibited Kotylak from participating in any of its activities, according to a statement from WPC executive director Ahmed El-Awadi.

Since the TV apology, anger against Kotylak has continued to fester in such Facebook groups as "100,000 Strong to Ban Nathan Kotylak From the Canada Olympic Team" and "Nathan Kotylak Needs to be in Jail and Held Accountable and Tried as an Adult."

Direct threats have been made to Kotylak's family.

Findlay said the family had to temporarily vacate its home after its address was published online and people threatened to "pay them a visit." Nathan's father, Dr. Greg Kotylak, had to close down his medical practice for two days. "It's this kind of persecution that's taking place in social media that's leading to this mob mentality taking form," said Findlay.

Keath, the social media analyst, sees this as the negative side to the Internet and social media.

Whether social media is friend or foe depends on who's asking. For Nathan Kotylak, the answer seems clear.

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