New iPad vs. iPad 2: Which One Should You Get?



Lots of people have wondered why there's no Siri -- Apple's voice-enabled digital assistant -- on the new iPad. We don't have an answer to that, but there is a dictation feature that converts your voice to text on the new iPad. Just tap the microphone on the keyboard and you can speak sentences into the tablet.

The dictation is accurate and quick. It even caught words like "arachnophobia." However, you have to actually speak "period" or "question mark" for it to insert punctuation. Also, you have to be connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G network for the dictation to work. It's a very neat feature, especially for the visually impaired.


No one should ever say no to a free iPad, but as I said at the start, that offer doesn't come along very frequently. My advice is that if you are in the market for a new iPad you should spend the extra $100 and get the new iPad. The improved screen alone makes it a worthy choice.

Now, if you already have an iPad 2, the new version isn't a necessary upgrade. The screen is much nicer and it is a bit faster, but chances are the next iPad will be an even bigger upgrade. (Then, of course, the new iPad will be the old iPad). And if you've got the original iPad, you'll definitely want to get the newer iPad.

But hey, if you're looking to save some cash on a new tablet, $399 will buy you the second-best tablet on the market. And that's just not a bad deal, even if you can't get one for free.

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