Prank Wars Online: Meet YouTube's 'Craziest Couple'


Jeana and Wellens Like to Watch, and Laugh

"I think what really resonates is the idea that there is a couple that's in a relationship that not only allows each other to do this to one another, but actually thrives and gets off on it," Rotter said. "They've been able to cross every single line that you can think of, and not only survive it, but actually get stronger because of that. And so, I think people are invested to see how that story unfolds."

Wellens and Jeana's YouTube page has been such a hit, they've spun it off into a popular daily video blog documenting the more mundane aspects of their life. Their bread and butter still appears to be those pranks, however.

They don't know when, where or how the next prank will unfold, the couple say. But in the end, it's not about the page views, it's about sitting back when the dust settles and having a good old-fashioned laugh.

"We like to watch it together and laugh about it later," Wellens said.

Added Jeana: "At the end, after all the anger's out, it's always a joke."

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