Annual LG Texting Championship Ignores the Touchscreen

Braidwood said he thinks the competition is outdated and joked that "it's like forcing people to ride push scooters when they could have motor bikes. You can't have a modern day race with an old school device." In 2012, a British woman broke the Guinness World Record for fastest text message ever using Swype, keyboard software similar to Swiftkey. Currently the Guinness World Records has two records for the fastest text message ever sent -- one for a message sent on a touchscreen and one sent on a phone with a physical keyboard.

But while LG says that it will "remain open to considering various options going forward," it isn't letting the lack of a touchscreen round diminish the competition, which is being held tonight in Times Square for everyone to see.

"The thing that surprised us the most is how these contestants really look at texting as a sport. They train for it, they recruit texting buddies," Brown said. Turns out texting is more like the Olympic games than we thought.

Update: Wierschke won for the second year in a row. Ironically, he tweeted about his accomplishment using an iPhone.

In response to ABC News' question about the iPhone Wierschke responded by saying, "I am a big techie. I've used several different phones, but I've found that for the best accuracy and speed, I use an LG device like my LG Doubleplay or the LG Optimus Zip."

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