Spotify Will Turn Your Valentine's Day Message Into a Playlist

PHOTO: Spotify will turn your love note into a playlist this Valentines Day.Spotify
Spotify will turn your love note into a playlist this Valentine's Day.

Spotify has a cool Valentine's Day tool that will turn your secret message into a playlist.

The music streaming service tends to have some fun with the holidays (remember the Thanksgiving turkey timer?) and this year's Valentine's Day celebration is no exception.

A dedicated "Love Notes" site will walk users through three steps to get the perfect playlist and deliver a hidden message.

The first step: Choose just how spicy you want your playlist to be. Spotify offers five options: "Just the Way You Are," "Call Me Maybe," "Smooth Operator," "Let's Get It On" and "Bump N' Grind."

Next, pick up to three music genres to include in the playlist.

Finally, write a secret message for the recipient. Each letter in your message will correspond to a song, creating a cool acrostic poem and playlist. (Spotify is capping messages at 54 characters.)

After you've settled on your message and songs, Spotify will let you blast your love note on social media or keep it private with a link to send to the object of your affection.

Happy Valentine's Day!