TechBytes: Apple Announces 10 Billionth iTunes Download

VIDEO: Apple has 10 billion reasons to celebrate the success of its iTunes App
WATCH Apple Celebrates Ten Billionth App Download

Apple has announced an impressive milestone: 10 billion apps have been downloaded from its iTunes store. A British woman downloaded the free game Paper Glider to hit the magic number, winning a $10,000 iTunes gift card. When Apple called to alert her she hung up thinking it was a telemarketer.

Firefox's New Do-Not-Track Feature

The popular web browser, Firefox will soon introduce a do-not-track feature.

Users can elect to turn it on so their web surfing can't be monitored. Firefox is the first browser to respond to the FTC's call for the development of a do-not-track system.

iPads to Replace Texbooks?

The University of Notre Dame is giving a progress report on its year-long experiment to replace textbooks with the iPad.

One professor said students were more connected in and out of the classroom. The students thought the device made class more interesting, while making it easier to collaborate on projects.