TechBytes: Google's Malicious Apps, Angry Birds on Facebook and Life-Size Avatars

VIDEO: Officials believe no personal data was stolen by the Android-targeting
WATCH Google Tackles Hostile Android Apps

Google says it's taking steps to prevent infected apps from making it onto its Android Marketplace, removing nearly 60 such apps last week. Google also remotely removed the apps from any devices that downloaded them but doesn't believe any personal data was stolen.

Angry Birds on Facebook

There is good news for Angry Birds fans. The wildly popular game is launching on Facebook in a few weeks. The game's developer says the Facebook version will have completely new features that haven't been seen before, including a more prominent role for the pigs.

Life-Size Avatars

Have you ever wished that you could bring your video game avatar to life? Well, Microsoft has come up with ways to help Xbox Live players do just that. Customers can now order life-size stickers of their avatars for about $150, or they can get a 5-inch avatar figurine for about $50.