TechBytes: Verizon Expected to Roll Out Tiered Data Plans

New Charging Plan for
WATCH New Charging Plan for Verizon

In today's TechBytes, Verizon is changing how it charges. It's phasing out one-price mobile Internet plans. Starting next month, new customers will get charged according to how much data they use.

It's unclear how this will affect current customers, who are using 104 million devices.

Lytro Camera

There's a brand new approach to digital photography. A company called Lytro developed a camera that lets you take photos quickly and then go back later to select which parts you would like to be in focus.

In addition, the camera can create 3D photos from a single lens.

The Lytro will hit the market at the end of the year.

Sony Ericsson Xperia active

Do you ever find it difficult to use your cell phone after a workout? Sony Ericsson has a solution. The Xperia active is a waterproof smartphone that features "wet finger tracking."

It comes loaded with an onscreen heart rate and pulse monitor, plus a fitness app for monitoring daily activity.