TechBytes: New Version of Wii Coming Soon

Gamers Raise the
WATCH Gamers Raise the Bar

Video game makers have raised the stakes at the industry's annual conference. Nintendo announced a new version of its Wii video game console. The Wii U has a wireless controller pad with a built-in touchscreen display and high-definition video, so it won't hog the family television.

Sony's New PlayStation Vita

Also at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Sony unveiled the PlayStation Vita, its next-generation portable gaming system. CNET's Dan Ackerman says it allows gamers to connect with each other over AT&T cell phones and Wi-Fi hot spots.

"Besides doing games, it also plays audio and video and it's got social networking functions, making it a competitor to things like the iPod Touch," Ackerman said. The Vita should be available for Christmas.

Tablet Price Cuts for Fall?

Your back-to-school shopping list is likely to include a tablet computer in the near future. With prices coming down and availability going up, retailers think it will happen soon. They plan to stock up on tablets this fall.