Amazon Acquires Twitch in $1 Billion Deal

Amazon is going to acquire video game streaming site Twitch in an all-cash deal.
1:00 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for Amazon Acquires Twitch in $1 Billion Deal
Topping today's tech -- Amazon's billion dollar purchase. It is buying twitch a wildly popular website where fifteen million people a month watch people play video games. It is a big day for football fans says -- fifteen goes on sale of its features an expanded skills trainer -- as well as more camera views for defense team's. He gave retails for sixty dollars as available for Xbox and PlayStation. There's a new Tivo for those who don't subscribe to cable the new Romeo OTA reports free over the year TV programs. The fifty dollar you don't go on sale next month and will require -- fifteen dollar per month Tivo subscription and Ralph Lauren as another new high tech T shirt the -- tech shirt. Contains built in sensors which monitor the -- heartbeat -- and stress level. It was CNN some of the ball boys at this year's US open tennis tournament those who attack -- I'm -- --

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{"id":25140768,"title":"Amazon Acquires Twitch in $1 Billion Deal","duration":"1:00","description":"Amazon is going to acquire video game streaming site Twitch in an all-cash deal.","url":"/Technology/video/amazon-acquires-twitch-billion-deal-25140768","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}