The New Amazon Fire Phone

CEO Jeff Bezos promises "something different" with latest smartphone.
7:47 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for The New Amazon Fire Phone
Can we know. But better. -- most engaged customers. Can we -- better. For Amazon prime members. Well. We decided to tell you that you it's. And with that there's a new player in the Smartphone business. Amazon unveiling its new fire -- today in Seattle. CEO Jeff -- those showing off the -- new 3-D screen -- compete with the iPhone in the galaxy. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York based those making that big announcement in Seattle a short time ago. -- the rumors of Amazon's bone to rest is really happening. We want to bring an ABC digital tech contributor -- trend to talk to us about this new phone. Tina thanks for joining us hey Michelle thanks for hanging on let's get right to -- the features that everyone -- bug is buzzing about the new Amazon Smartphone talked it was about what's this 3-D image. -- -- they're calling it dynamic perspective and what it is is basically it that camera has. The phone has multiple cameras on it which. Is able to let you capture images and really kind of move around them you can move as you're looking at the screen. And get that 380 affect it's not technically a full on the -- you're not having images pop out at you. But it provides a really close it comes really really close to 3-D. Because of those multiple cameras capturing images at different angles to really give you that image that kind of seems to pop off the screen a little bit -- -- -- close to it as he can and no special glasses needed him exactly that's kind India. Where -- now instead of having -- where there is -- he glasses you can actually just. Mr. -- up and and scope are rounded and really get. Lot. Cool features that you'll have be able to take advantage in apps. In games. In maps which is really cool you can kind of scope around the Empire State Building which is what they showed -- the -- And it really is kind of like -- differentiating factor for this fund that war. Probably get people to take -- that is for sure we've got a clip of how Jeff -- was talking about the new -- camera let's take a listen to that. This is what now. Chris beautiful photo. -- -- -- In little electric motors on the linens. That is saloons hundred is that what you're seeing here is -- -- and and these are acts that national -- Trevor at all humans. Here's some results. At 200 Australia. The union and -- -- -- -- -- -- The display that can even be controlled by -- movement could this to be a game changer. I think it's it's definitely a very cool fun fact that will get a lot of people interested in a fire. At this same time all roads lead back to And this is really just another piece. The puzzle that gets people to continue shopping at if you're not already a prime member. -- probably didn't want to become one after looking at this phone. You know it's a really great way to continue to build on that seamless customer experience that is. Is really going after because that is really their entire business at this point is really getting you to buy as much. Step as he came from And -- a phone makes it easier all the batter. I mean at this point you're you're -- able to buy stuff from just by replying to a tweet. So opponents kind of you know -- another. Step that makes a lot of sense for Amazon. So -- hit the 3-D doesn't -- you what are some of the other cool features on this -- I really love the firefly effect the firefly feature is something that is an interesting it basically scans. Images. Music. Tax anything that you want to point your phone that you can do now and it'll read that information and give you back. You know places to buy again by. This product wars you know you can -- bar codes -- -- -- Anything. It can listen for music in the room and tell you. What music is playing and of course go back to buying that music from Amazon so some really cool different features here that make it. That much more simple -- buy more stuff from So pesos when unveiling this today says a lot of work went into the sound quality and the earphones let's listen to that. The added. To -- -- here is. Deleted -- little plus fertile ground. And somebody can not use -- cedar that you hear us. Has anybody -- dizziness. That's what happens. -- -- Brilliant philosopher. Bill Murray Santa. How many tigers -- not ever put headphones in pocket -- women. Well. We decided. But it is a little bit. The got a flat cables are your this -- matter is that it classed them together. And the appreciate your about it is we're included in the new boss they're not an accessory after. Will all of these features make people buy this over -- iPhone our galaxy how can this compete in the market that's already. Already established. You know and it it's interesting it's it'll be interesting to see because I'm not shore while these are all really cool fund teachers. I'm not sure if it's going to be enough to push people over the edge -- date. -- are ready. You know I don't have -- -- or have an android phone. You know it's really is kind of about. The price point and we're surprised a lot of people were surprised that this phone was in cheaper. You know that's one of the hallmarks Amazon dot -- products. In terms of their -- their fire TV is -- really attractive price point and you didn't get that with this fine you got what you kind of would expect for a new Smartphone coming out on the market which is. 200 dollars with a two year contract. 300 dollars. Four more memory for 64 gigabyte version so. I'm not sure if you know that's going to be. Enough -- even with all of these really cool features. Again if you love. Shopping on You know why not get this time because it's just gonna make your life -- thousand times easier but remember again that all of the music all of the movies all of the books now Amazon is in control of that and it's all on one device and real quickly Tina do we know whisk in the market -- it's gonna meet July 25. Very good that's not too far away at all thinks -- trend for joining us it's you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- -- star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24202306,"title":"The New Amazon Fire Phone","duration":"7:47","description":"CEO Jeff Bezos promises \"something different\" with latest smartphone.","url":"/Technology/video/amazon-fire-phone-24202306","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}