Did Astronaut Lisa Nowak, Love Triangle Attacker, Wear Diaper?


Police, meanwhile, found that Nowak had in fact made a pit stop during her trip to confront Shipman. They discovered a receipt in her car showing that, using an alias and paying cash, she had stopped at a Days Inn more than halfway between Houston and Orlando.

The matter of diapers or no diapers -- children's or adult -- did not influence the legal proceedings, but nearly four years later it happens to be the single detail that keeps this love triangle in our social consciousness.

Lisa Nowak has not granted any interviews since her arrest and did not address the diaper question during a short press conference after she pled guilty to felony burglary and misdemeanor battery in November 2009.

But this past summer, Nowak did apparently speak out on the diaper issue when she appeared in front of a naval review board charged with deciding her future rank and benefits. According to reporters present at the Aug. 20 hearing, the government asked Nowak about the diaper she was reportedly wearing during the drive from Houston. Nowak testified she was not wearing the diaper but that it had been in the car since an evacuation drill during Hurricane Rita, more than a year before.

We may never know the truth about the diapers in Nowak's car. Was it an unfortunate coincidence that Lisa Nowak had diapers in her car? Did the detective misunderstand Nowak's admission or did she really use the children's diapers that were already in her car to avoid rest stops?

To the victim of the attack the diaper mystery seems to be inconsequential. Colleen Shipman says she wishes people would focus on the attack itself.

"I don't mean to be offensive or anything but that's pretty superficial. I mean, don't you think?" Shipman told "20/20."

"The woman committed a crime and the headlines are saying that she wore a diaper."

Click here to watch Colleen Shipman take Chris Cuomo back to the scene of the attack, revealing harrowing details of her ordeal never before shared. Plus: The surprising end to the astronaut love triangle.

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