BMW Recalls Some Turbo-Charged Cars Following ABC News Investigation


BMW admitted to ABC News that it wasn't until March of this year, four years after these cars were introduced, that it finally found a fix: a properly working fuel pump. "We were making changes but we also had to see and make sure that they were actually reliable in the field," said Baloga.

Still, even after March, BMW did not tell customers to come in and replace the potentially defective fuel pumps. Instead, they allowed drivers to get a new part if and only after the old one failed.

Asked why, Baloga said: "Well, we don't want to alarm people to say, 'I have to drop everything and postpone my vacation, I have to bring the car in when it's inconvenient to me.'"

And when pressed he added: "Well, we did take action to notify people. We probably can be better in the future with our communication and we'll take a look at that."

BMW sent a letter to owners of vehicles that may be affected by the fuel pump problem, alerting them that the fuel pump could cause performance issues.

ABC News Investigation Prompts Major Action

Finally, one week after ABC News first contacted the company, the German automaker told ABC News that they would soon announce a "major action" to address the fuel pump issue.

"We understand that people are feeling uncomfortable with the situation and people want to know more, so we're taking action as quickly as possible," Baloga said.

He conceded that questions from ABC News "caused us to decide to take action sooner, rather than later."

Still, it may take longer to restore the faith of their once-loyal customers. "There is nothing that could get me into that car, ever, ever," said Mangot.

"If something was to happen to my daughter that would change my life forever," Noone said. "And I don't want to see something happen to my daughter or someone else's daughter in an unsafe car."

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