Boy Cheerleader Tyler Wilson Won't Quit Despite Arm Broken by Bullies

Photo: Ohio mom: bully beat son for being a cheerleader

An Ohio mom is disappointed that her son's school didn't do more to stop at least two boys who allegedly picked on her 11-year-old cheerleader son until the bullies beat him so bad they broke his arm.

She says the beating didn't break his spirit however. Tyler Wilson has vowed to continue cheering with hopes it helps him get into college some day.

"I'm going to keep going. I'm going to make a lifestyle out of it," Tyler told ABC News affiliate WTVG.

Kristy Wilson, of Findlay, Ohio, told ABC News that she knew her son Tyler would get some flak from classmates for joining a youth football cheerleading squad over the summer, but she never imagined it would turn so violent.

"The first thing I wanted to make sure of, when he said he was going to join cheerleading, that he understood the possibility was there that he would get teased and made fun of and he was ok dealing with it," Tyler's mom told ABC News today.

She says Tyler was okay with that and wanted to join the squad regardless. His love for gymnastics and tumbling made him a natural fit according to Kristy Wilson. Things were going fine for Tyler, she said, until some of his middle school classmates spotted him cheering the day before school started.

Kristy Wilson said the teasing began almost immediately, and she tried to work with Tyler on ways to handle it.

"I knew that some of the kids where teasing him, and we talked about ways to deal with that," Wilson said.

"His first reaction was the tell them to shut up and get verbally combative, and I told him you have to let them know it doesn't bother you... I didn't find out until we went to the school after he was injured that things were starting to get aggressive before that fight even occurred," Wilson said.

According to the mother and the police report filed on the incident, Tyler was walking home from school when two of his alleged tormentors approached him and punched him. As Tyler continued his walk home from school, the two boys continued to follow him, the police report said. Several small skirmishes broke out between Tyler and the two boys, according to the police report, and eventually one of the boys allegedly picked Tyler up and slammed him on the ground, breaking his arm.

Kristy Wilson filed a police report, but says she was shocked at what she heard when she met with Glenwood Middle School officials to discuss the incident.

"I didn't find out until we went to the school that things were starting to get aggressive before this fight occurred," Wilson said.

"When I went to the school, about two days after it happened to discuss Tyler's story, the principal said there was an incident Monday and the Friday before, that the boy who started the fight had jumped on Tyler's back and tried to start a fight," she said.

Kristy Wilson said if she had known that Tyler was being physically targeted said she would have certainly stepped in to stop the situation, going as far as removing him from the school.

"I really wish the school would have let me know a lot sooner, so I could have dealt with it sooner," she said.

Lt. Charles Wilson, of the Findlay Police Department told ABC News that both boys involved in the fight have been charged in youth court.

"One has been charged with felonious assault, the other with simple assault. One is a felony and one is a misdemeanor," Wilson told ABC News.

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