TRANSCRIPT: Joseph Reyes on Being Barred From Taking Child to Church

REYES: I don't think Rebecca is surprised by it. Rebecca is not a terribly religious person, for one. And that's evidence that she didn't go to shoal regularly, she married a Catholic boy, and that she doesn't keep kosher. So, in terms of this shock value that she claims is there, it really isn't

CUOMO: You're worried about pulling your daughter into something like this?

REYES: I never pulled my daughter into this.

CUOMO: How no?

REYES: For one, I didn't file for divorce. Well, I take that back, I did file for divorce, we both filed for divorce. I didn't pull my daughter into this situation because I didn't file the TRO.

CUOMO: Right, but once it was filed, you made a decision to take your daughter into a church, you called the local news, told them you were going to do it, held your kid up in front of the cameras and said 'you see, we went to church because this was the right thing to do.'

REYES: I didn't hold my daughter up in front of the cameras.

CUOMO: Well, all of the camera shots were of you holding your daughter.

REYES: I didn't hold her up in front. They wanted to accompany me; I said certainly, if you want to come and watch me go to church you're more than welcome to do that.

CUOMO: But you contacted them, right?

REYES: Certainly.

CUOMO: So you drew the attention to this situation.

REYES: This attention merits—or excuse me, this situation merits attention.

CUOMO: Do you understand how it could seem as though you were engaged in a battle with Rebecca?

REYES: I am engaged in a battle with Rebecca, that's what divorce is.

CUOMO: But that this is an assault within that battle of divorce, that you've brought religion in and your kid in and now that's part of this battle, you understand why it can be seen that way?

REYES: I understand why it can be seen that way. It's not an accurate depiction.

CUOMO: What is the accurate depiction?

REYES: The accurate depiction is the only thing I want to do is be the dad that I am to my daughter. And Rebecca, I would think, would want that for her daughter, as well.

REYES: The accurate picture is that I am a dad that loves my daughter. I love my daughter very much and I would think that Rebecca would want that for our daughter. I would think that Rebecca would embrace the fact that Ela has a great dad. Instead, Rebecca only wants to breed more and more conflict into this.

CUOMO: Do you think you're making it better by flouting the order and calling in the media?

REYES: I don't think that that helped to basically end the conflict. But, at some point, when you do as much has been done to me in this situation, there is a straw that breaks the camel's back. I've made every concession that I possibly can make for Rebecca, and I have to draw the line in the sand somewhere and this is where I choose to draw it. My faith means a lot to me.

CUOMO: So is it about your faith or is it about you getting pushed around by Rebecca?

REYES: It's about both – it's that Rebecca is doing everything that she can to me and now is trying to encroach on my religion? I can't—at some point in time, any one of us would have a breaking point, and I have to take a stand, otherwise, she'll just keep pushing and pushing and pushing, until I am probably pushed out of Ela's life somehow.

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