TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

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Rebecca Reyes, the Chicago mother who obtained a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband for taking their daughter to a Catholic church, finally tells her side of the story.

Joseph Reyes had their 3-year-old daughter Ela baptized at a church without her knowledge. In what some are calling an extraordinary move, a family court judge issued a 30-day restraining order forbidding Joseph Reyes from "exposing his daughter to any other religion other than the Jewish religion during his visitation."

With local media crews in tow, Joseph Reyes allegedly violated the order and took his daughter Ela to a church again. Rebecca Reyes asked for him to be held in contempt of court, stating that his actions posed "harm" to their child. A trial date has not been set on those charges.

VIDEO: Rebecca Reyes offers some insight into her bitter custody battle.

For the first time, Rebecca Reyes is speaking out about these events in an exclusive interview with "20/20" anchor and chief law and justice correspondent Chris Cuomo. Part of that interview aired Feb. 26 on "Good Morning America."

Joseph Reyes also sat down with Cuomo for a compelling interview that aired Feb. 16. Click here to read that report.

The full transcript of Chris Cuomo and Rebecca Reyes' interview can be found here:

This transcript has been edited for clarity.

On Dating, Marriage and What Went Wrong

CUOMO: All right, Rebecca, Chris. Let's just begin at the beginning, nice and easy. How did you meet this Joseph?

REBECCA: I'd moved back to Chicago, I'd been living in Anchorage doing-- some-- a clerkship, after law school. And I joined a gym-- where I was working. And-- I started boxing, and he had trained with the trainer there, and he came back-- to sort of reunite with his trainer, and we met.

CUOMO: So, you were a boxer?

REBECCA: At-- the very loose term, yes, I was a boxer. I really enjoyed doing it as a training technique. It's just an exercise thing.

CUOMO: So, you are working out, you're boxing, you meet this Joseph Reyes, what did you think of Joseph?

REBECCA: I thought he was captivating.

CUOMO: What does that mean?

REBECCA: I loved how easily he talked to me. I loved the thoughts that he had. I loved how he challenged me intellectually. I liked that we had this sport in common, because I think it's an amazing sport. I liked that we had fitness in common. If you agree on how to spend time, like, spending time at the gym, I think that's pretty important to a relationship. I thought he was great.

CUOMO: Quick spark? Did it take time? Friends first? How did it develop?

REBECCA: Quick spark, for sure. He was-- I think at the time that we met, he was already called up for active duty, so it was a bit of a challenge, logistically. But I thought he was fantastic from the moment that I met him. And-- by the time he was more available and around, we were together all the time.

CUOMO: So, it became a romance?


CUOMO: How long did you date?

REBECCA: Before we got married? Maybe two years. Because he was on active duty, too, so there was that impediment.

CUOMO: Did you always know that he was the one, when you were dating?

REBECCA: Yes, I did. I loved him very much.

CUOMO: And did he know that you were one-- the one? Did you guys talk about marriage a lot before?

REBECCA: Yes, I think s-- we did talk about it, I don't know what he thought, but I can tell you what he said. (LAUGH) And, yeah, we did talk about it.

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