TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

REBECCA: Right. We're Jewish. We are Jewish. And we never-- we never had a tree in our home, we never celebrated those holidays but for celebrating with other people in, you know-- s-- in a celebratory way, having dinner as a family-- opening presents at his parents' house. But no, it was-- there was a-- there was a-- a-- a very clear message that we were sending to Ela, "This is a Jewish home."

CUOMO: And before you were married, you were Jewish then too, right?


CUOMO: You didn't celebrate Easter and Christmas?

REBECCA: No, I have an aunt, my mom's best friend, who I call aunt-- we have a very extensive, inclusive idea of family-- is Catholic. And so, we would have dinner with her on those holidays, because she would have dinner with us on Rosh Hashanah and Passover-- in celebratory way, but not a religious way. We never go to church, there was never any praying. At the s-- at the Seder, there's praying. But w-- never at-- at-- on Christmas or on Easter, this was just an excuse to have a meal. But we never went to church or talked about this being a-- a Christian experience, it's a family experience.

CUOMO: You're Jewish.

REBECCA: I'm Jewish.

CUOMO: You've always been Jewish.

REBECCA: I've always been Jewish.

CUOMO: If we ask your friends, "What's Rebecca?" They'll say, "She's Jewish."

REBECCA: Every single day.



Catholicism vs Judaism and the Temporary Restraining Order

CUOMO: Now you're in this custody-- situation, you're in your divorce situation. How did you learn that your child had been baptized?

REBECCA: I got an e-mail from Joseph with pictures.

CUOMO: Did he ask you about it before?


CUOMO: He says, "She wouldn't talk to me. That's why I didn't ask her." Fair?

REBECCA: Not fair. He has my phone number. He's-- he's the father of my child. He can call me any time. That doesn't mean that we're gonna agree on everything. But absolutely, he can call me any time.

CUOMO: What would you have said--

REBECCA: And he does.

CUOMO: What would you have said if he said, "I wanna baptize the child."

REBECCA: It woulda been very difficult for me to hear that. And I would have said, "Help me understand why. Help me understand what's going on with you, because that's not the (MIC NOISE) Joseph that I know. So help me understand what's going on."

CUOMO: Why do you think he did it?

REBECCA: (SIGH) On my most cynical moments, in my most cynical moments, why did he do it? Because he knew that it would really hurt me. (CRIES) It really did.

CUOMO: Why did it hurt you?

REBECCA: Because I'm Jewish. Because my daughter's Jewish. Because my husband was Jewish. Because I have an idea of the things that I want her to appreciate as a three-year-old. And this-- this is just really confusing. At best, it's really confusing. And it's gonna make her life a lot harder until she's ready to really understand what's going on. And I never want her to think that she has to choose between her mommy and her daddy. Ever. And this put her in a position, eventually, not today, but eventually, where she's gonna have to make that decision way before she-- she's capable of choosing a religion for herself. Also, in-- it-- it-- it made me worried about what other decisions he was making that were completely apart from things that we agreed about what life should look like for children.

CUOMO: What was your reaction when you got the e-mail and the pictures?

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