TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

REBECCA: Completely unfair. First of all, it just doesn't make any sense. He converted after Ela was born. There-- there was no pressure to be brought to bear at that point. If that had ever been an issue, which it wasn't, in-- to me, it would've made sense to have done that before we got married, if p-- if they wanted him to Jewish, if that would have impacted the way that they saw him, then do it before we get married. Or do it before Ela was born. But he didn't convert either of those times, and that's because it was completely immaterial to them.

CUOMO: How long were you married until the relationship started to turn?

REBECCA: Until I realized that the relationship wasn't good? We weren't married very long before I realized that things were difficult. But--


REBECCA: That wasn't enough. And by the time I left, my-- concerns about the-- the poisonousness of the relationship had only to do with Ela. I loved him when I left. I didn't leave because I didn't love him anymore. I left because the relationship was gonna hurt and was, I believed, was hurting Ela.

CUOMO: What was going wrong?

REBECCA: We just didn't see the world the same, I guess. We had different expectations for what two people in love should act like. And-- that came down to very minute things, as well. And, you know, the details of that aren't necessarily important, it was the result. So that there was just a lot of tension. And the way that we both deal with anger-- concerned me a lot, because Ela was feeling a lot of tension. She did not gain any weight for the three months before I left.

CUOMO: She did not gain any weight for the three months before you left. How old was she?

REBECCA: Fifteen months old.

CUOMO: Wow, that's scary. What did the doctor say?

REBECCA: That I needed to bring her back in three months, to make sure that she is gaining some weight.

CUOMO: How-- sh-- she's 15 months old, was the feeling that she was stressed?

REBECCA: No, there wasn't-- it-- it wasn't alarming. She was growing, she was eating-- she was progressing-- ahead of schedule, in terms of her cognitive motor skills, all of those things. It was just-- there was this one manifestation, and that spoke a lot to me.

CUOMO: Allow me to pry a little. What kinds of things can you point to that were upsetting about Joseph?

REBECCA: The way that we spoke with each other. One of the-- the big strains on the marriage is that he wasn't contributing financially, and that we had made financial decisions based on a two income family. And he had reason after reason why he wasn't participating financially. That's not good in any relationship, there's no doubt about it. I went back to work full time after-- first part time, and then full time, after-- Ela. But we had agreed that I was gonna be able to take some time off. But because of his failure to-- work, I couldn't. So, I was figuring out how to be a mom and how to be a professional-- a lot earlier than I expected. And-- and I was coming home to a lot of tension, so I was out working all day, coming home just wanting to be mom, wanting to be a wife, and I was coming home to an incredible amount of tension, and she felt it.

CUOMO: Fair to say he had changed in some way? Was this a side of him that you did not realize?

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