TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

REBECCA: He was ordered to-- leave the apartment. I-- I left-- and the-- we both filed to have the apartment, and the apartment was awarded to me. And when we moved-- the day that we were moving back in-- there was glass-- shards of glass strewn all over the floor. There were tin can lids all over the-- her-- highchair was covered in food and couldn't be manipulated. It was-- it was unlivable. It was dangerous.

CUOMO: Did it look like something a person had done? Or that your cats had done?

REBECCA: It couldn't have been the cats. I can guarantee you that it was not the cats. And even-- even if he didn't deliberately leave the glass on the floor, he knew about the glass on the floor. And he knew that his 18-month-old daughter was moving in. And that it was July, and she's barefoot. She's barefoot, she's walking, but she's walking barefoot. This was completely dangerous for her. And at the very least, at the very best, he knew, and-- and so I-- I filed with the court, to hold him responsible for what he had done. And the ultimate result was that he got supervised visitation with Ela.

CUOMO: He says you wanted new carpets, and this was your way to get new carpets, was to blame it all on him, and have the court force him to pay for new carpets, even after you two had split.

REBECCA: I'm really sorry that he feels that way.

CUOMO: Joseph says he didn't want this to end. You fell in love with somebody else. You left him for somebody else. Fair?

REBECCA: Not fair. The relationship ended because of us. That's it. There was no affair. There was nobody else. I didn't leave him for anybody else. I left him because of who we were.

CUOMO: Why does he say that?

REBECCA: He's entitled to his opinion.

CUOMO: Is there a basis for it? Or is this feelings, covering feelings?

REBECCA: No, I-- I understand why he feels that way. I'm not-- I don't-- I don't want to parse whether it was a reasonable thing for him to feel. He's entitled to the way that he feels. But I can tell you that there was no affair. I can tell you that I didn't leave him for anybody else. I left him because of who we were.

CUOMO: Well, let's-- let's leave that at that.


CUOMO: So, now you decide it's over.


CUOMO: You start the process of divorce.


CUOMO: Irreconcilable differences.

REBECCA: That's right.

CUOMO: Everybody says it, but it always means something different.


CUOMO: How would you define your irreconcilable differences?

REBECCA: No-- no bridges between us. No more bridges. No more way of him being him and me being me, and having that turn into something positive.

CUOMO: Can you say that you tried?


CUOMO: Can you say that he tried?

REBECCA: I think he did the best that he could.

CUOMO: So, it wasn't that he just quit on it, you just think it wasn't there for the two of you?

REBECCA: That's right.

CUOMO: Did he accept that?

REBECCA: I don't know.

CUOMO: When you said, "I'm leaving, it's over," did he fight you?

REBECCA: I called him-- to let him know that Ela and I were go-- were gonna go to my parents' house, to let him know exactly where we were intentions were. And he showed up the next day with the Skokie police, saying that I had abducted his daughter. So, I would say that, no, he didn't accept my decision.

CUOMO: That must've been scary, huh? For the police to come.


CUOMO: How'd you deal with that?

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