Little-Known Drug Offers Legal High

The salvia plant is popular in landscaping and gardening shows in the state.

As for Barstow's state of Maine, legislators rejected his proposed ban on salvia. Instead they opted for a less restrictive regulation, outlawing the sale of salvia to anyone younger than 18.

But Barstow says he'll keep fighting for an outright ban.

"We end up paying for the [negative effects] of those who use substances irresponsibly. We need to balance between individual citizens and their civil rights vs. the cost the government has to pay for those who can't handle those substances responsibly."

Moreover, after his experience with the salvia bill, Barstow wants citizens and lawmakers to rethink their approach to drug law.

He sees an imbalance between the legality of salvia and the regulation of less potent narcotics.

"There needs to be an open discussion of the drugs that are scheduled drugs and those that perhaps should be scheduled drugs. If you're going to have a tobacco provision of salvia, it should be considered for marijuana as well," Barstow said.

"The overall discussion needs to be held."

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