Manslaughter Fugitive Lives High Life in Peru

The father of the victim who died in a 1996 drunken driving car crash told that he does not want the driver of the car extradited back to the U.S.

Evelyn Mezzich, 29, is facing charges of intoxicated assault with a vehicle and intoxicated manslaughter with a vehicle, after the car she was allegedly driving in downtown Austin, Texas, crashed into a light post, killing one and paralyzing another.

After posting bail, Mezzich failed to appear in court and fled the country, according to the Travis County district clerk's office. She is now a fugitive currently living in Peru.

"I see no point in [Mezzich] getting extradited," said Brashier, whose daughter Lindsay was killed in the crash. "There is nothing constructive about bringing a pregnant woman back to the states to get prosecuted; there are a lot worse criminals wandering around."

You'd never know from Evelyn Mezzich's MySpace page — which is filled with photos from her recent wedding and nights out on the town with friends — that she is actually a fugitive avoiding criminal charges in the United States.

Mezzich seems to have moved on with her life in Peru — she's expecting her first child and even posted a video on her MySpace page poking fun at drunken driving.

Mezzich posted photos of herself drinking and pole dancing, listed "drinking" as one of her favorite activities in her profile and even uploaded a video to her site that showed a Paris Hilton look-alike running from the cops and making fun of drunken driving. The site, which was viewed by ABC News, has since been made private.

Marilyn Datz, the mother of Lindsay Brashier, who was killed in the crash while Mezzich was allegedly at the wheel, hasn't moved on. In fact, the Houston woman is determined to bring her daughter's killer to justice.

"She had no remorse when she killed Lindsay and she has even less now," Datz told "How do you forgive someone who has never said sorry, never asked for forgiveness?"

Mezzich's "current mood," displayed on her Web page, reads "content" and is accompanied by a smiley face.

According to Datz, Tatiana Sartori, the car's third passenger whose neck was snapped in the crash, said that Brashier had been screaming from the passenger's seat "Slow down! Slow down!" while Mezzich drove and then eventually "fell asleep."

"They were intoxicated at the time," said Officer Robert Hasselman. Now retired, Hasselman was on the scene that night. "They caused their own wreck. Killed one person, paralyzed another. It's just something that [the driver] was responsible for."

All three women were students at the University of Texas-Austin. Mezzich and Brashier were suite mates, just two months into their freshman year.

"If you could custom order a daughter, it would be Lindsay," said Datz. "She was beautiful inside and out."

Brashier was very involved in the Jewish community during high school, said Datz, and had already joined Hillel at UT. She also had a part-time job, spent her free time volunteering at blood drives and had graduated from high school with a 4.3 grade point average.

Brashier's father, Thomas Brashier, told that he does not want to see Mezzich get extradited.

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