Environmental Al Gore Is Back


"I'm under no illusions that there is any position in the world with as much influence as that of president of the United States," Gore added. "But I ran for president twice, and I was in politics for a quarter century, and I honestly believe that the highest and best use of my skills and experience is to try to change the minds of people in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world about this planetary emergency that we simply have to confront."

The former vice president concluded, "I hope to get the message about the climate crisis to more people in a shorter period of time. I've been trying to tell this story for 30 years, and the debate in the science community is over. And my single objective is to try to move our country, and to the extent I can play a role in it people elsewhere, past a tipping point beyond which the politicians in both parties will feel compelled to start competing by offering genuinely meaningful solutions to the crisis."

Five percent of the film's overall proceeds will go to battling global warming and 100 percent of the Gore's take will do so, as well.

"This is not a political issue. It is a moral issue," Gore told ABC News.

But, the one-time Democratic nominee couldn't resist a subtle political shot.

"I don't exclude the possibility that both President Bush and Vice President Cheney will be forced to change their minds about global warming during these next two years," he said. "Reality has a way of intruding on illusion, and they've tried to create their own reality where global warming is concerned, and a few other things as well. And over time, that tends to collide with the real world."

George Stephanopoulos's entire interview with former Vice President Al Gore can be viewed at "This Week's" Web page at www.abcnews.com.

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