Mitt Romney: The Complete Interview

Following is a transcript of George Stephanopoulos' interview with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, and Romney's wife Ann on "This Week."

George Stephanopoulos: Governor and Mrs. Romney, thank you very much for joining us.

Mitt Romney: Thank you, good to be here.

Stephanopoulos: Okay, Mitt Romney, management consultant. Give us the PowerPoint presentation for your candidacy.

Mitt Romney: Well, it won't be in PowerPoint. It's instead going to come from the heart, because this is not a business deal. This is not the next, if you will, notch in my belt of career progression.

My life was in the private sector. My life is with Ann, raising our kids.

My race for the presidency has everything to do with our kids and our grandkids, making sure that America is more prosperous and more safe for my kids and grandkids and for everyone else's kids and grandkids, because I'm concerned that we face unprecedented challenges.

Unless we're willing to finally do something about these challenges, we're going to end up not being the power that we've known, with the prosperity that we've known for our kids and grandkids.

For us, it's great. America's been wonderful for our generation. Our parents made America a place that the whole world envies.

But we have now to make America a place that our kids and our grandkids can be proud of and have a future that we'd want for them.

Stephanopoulos: And what's your pitch from the heart?

Ann Romney: As the wife and the mother of these five sons that we've raised together, whenever there was a crisis, he was so terrific in it.

Whenever there was really a good judgment call that was needed, he was there for that.

So I see him as being the person that can bring perspective, good judgment, lots of experience, lots of competency, that's how I see it.

Stephanopoulos: As you know, your faith is going to be a big part, at least the beginning of this campaign.

How does your faith inform your politics?

Mitt Romney: Well, I think religion is a separate sphere in terms of a particular brand of faith, but I think the principles of all faiths have, as their foundation, the idea that there is a supreme being, that this supreme being is a heavenly father, and that all the people in our country and in all countries are sons and daughters of the same supreme being.

I think we are, if you will, one family of humanity. That informs very dramatically my sense of what our relationship should be in the world, our need to care for the very poor and the diseased and the brutalized, our need in this country to provide opportunities for all of our citizens.

That fundamental belief that we are all brothers and sisters has an enormous impact, I think, on a lot of what we do.

But the particular doctrines of a church I don't think are a major part in a political sense.

Stephanopoulos: But your Mormon faith has been a big part of your life. You were a bishop in the church. You were president of the Boston Area Parishes.

You spent more than two years in France as a missionary and described it as a watershed experience.

How so?

Mitt Romney: Oh, absolutely. It taught me that there's a great deal to life besides just what's living in my little community back in Michigan.

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