Transcript: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on 'This Week'

DOWD: Well, I think in the end, the Republicans made a mistake at this in the beginning, when Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh made -- personalized it and said some ridiculous things, it became a side show. If it's about judicial philosophy, the Republicans stand for the rule of law; the Democrats for Barack Obama -- it doesn't, and if it's about Barack Obama and not about Sotomayor, then I think the Republicans set it up -- even if they lose -- set it up to say this is what we stand for, this is what they stand for.

They cannot -- the Republicans cannot personalize this with the place they are, not only in the country...

STEPHANOPOULOS: There should be a vote now?

DOWD: I think in the end, they should vote what they believe is the right judicial philosophy, but don't personalize it as an attack on Sotomayor.

SHIPMAN: I think it's also hard when you look at Sotomayor's record and look at the cases, it's very hard for people to make the case that she's a typical, you know, elite liberal judicial philosopher. I mean, really, she's not. Her cases go back and forth. It's going to be hard for the Republicans to try to pin down what that means. She's tended to give -- to be tough on crime, to give police the benefit of the doubt.

You know, we spent time with her brother in the Bronx last week, Juan Sotomayor, and one thing he talked about was that she was always brilliant from the start, but did not hesitate to use her fist to send him on those Bronx streets. And I think when you, again, you have that background, it's not surprising...

STEPHANOPOULOS: (inaudible) experience is going to come in handy.

Also on guns, you know, the NRA, Cynthia, was looking at coming after this nomination. And yet, one of the judge's opinions on the Second Amendment was reinforced this week by one of the most conservative panels in the country out of Illinois, including Frank Easterbrook and Richard Posner, much harder for the NRA to make this case now?

TUCKER: Absolutely. As Claire just said, her opinions don't show -- she's certainly liberal. She's called herself liberal, but she's nobody's knee-jerk radical. In fact, she often sides with the prosecution in cases, probably from her experience as a young prosecutor. And I think that's the reason we're hearing so much about her speeches. If you look at her record on the bench, there's just not that much to criticize.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Another visitor to Washington this week, Nancy Reagan. Nancy Reagan came for the unveiling of the Reagan statue in Statuary Hall of the Capitol this week. It was quite moving. Take a look as she accepted the unveiling.


NANCY REAGAN, FORMER FIRST LADY: The last time that I was in this room was for Ronnie's service. So it's nice to be back under happier circumstances.


STEPHANOPOULOS: And a happy lunch the next day. There she was with Michelle Obama, the new first lady. They had lunch up in the private quarters. And Claire, give us a chance, I guess -- we're now about five months in -- to reflect on what Michelle Obama is trying to do as first lady, how she's trying to be a different kind of first lady.

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