Transcript: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Mitt Romney

But Mr. Netanyahu is giving a major speech today to respond to the president's Cairo address and to outline the steps that Israel will take to not just secure its future, but also the steps that it's willing to take to begin whatever two-state process towards engaging the Palestinians. So this is a crucial moment for President Obama, not just with Iran and the destabilizing efforts in the Middle East. But more importantly, how the peace process will go forward.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You know what I guess (ph), George? Netanyahu splits the difference. He comes out for a two-state solution and kind of holds the line on settlements.

WILL: Well, he holds the line on settlements, but also the state is going to be an odd-looking state. It will have certain -- not have certain rights that are inherent, like sovereignty, such as the right to have armed forces, such as control of the air space. So it will be the beginning of protracted agonizing situations such as we've had for 40 years.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me go bring us back to our politics here at home with that series -- series of exchange that I showed up at the beginning, David Letterman and Sarah Palin going toe to toe for most of the week. It also comes during the week when Sarah Palin was making a little bit more of an entrance on the national stage by going to that big Republican dinner and not speaking.

And Kim, can we just begin with you here? Because I see some commentary in the blogosphere about this. Do you think that David Letterman got away with murder?

STRASSEL: Well, if you' going to pick a fight with Sarah Palin, she just draws so such emotion from so many people in America. So he shouldn't have been surprised this is what he'd gotten. And she's proved herself pretty feisty, in particular when it comes to her children. So I think that this could have been expected.

And we'll see how -- he's backed away from this some. And this will probably disappear, as other political flaps do.

STEPHANOPOULOS: See, I'm surprised -- I think he was going to get pressure back away more than he did.

BRAZILE: He should have backed away. It was over -- over the line and tasteless. He should have apologize. He sort of apologized.

Look, Sarah Palin enjoys this type of public discourse with someone like David Letterman, because it allows her to rally her base, increase her profile, and to take a stand on something that she believes strongly, with children. And of course, connect with women.

BROWNSTEIN: She had every reason to be offended. And like Donna said, what he said was over the line.

But I still think, in the long run, it was a mistake for Sarah Palin to get into an extended argument with a late-night comedian. When the election ended, our biggest problem was that 60 percent of voters said she was not prepared to be president.

Ultimately, she needs to be defining herself on the national stage by weighing in on things like the health-care bill that we're debating, or cap and trade, which is coming up. She is being covered now -- I think her profile in the media as of a celebrity than of a political leader. And that is just fundamentally not a good place for her to be. Even though, in this case, she has every reason to be offended. Maybe it's time to move on.

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