Transcript: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Mitt Romney

STEPHANOPOULOS: The other thing is that the polling numbers during the election thought she wasn't qualified. But she came out of the elections very popular among the Republican base. Do you think she squandered that?

WILL: I don't think she squandered it, but I don't think she's built on it. And I think she's a lagging indicator. All of these people are lagging indicators. There's a rising generation of Republicans coming along, and they will be the conversation beginning in 2010 and certainly after.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Can she get back into this conversation?

STRASSEL: Well, I mean, I think she's got to do what that rising generation of Republicans George is talking about is doing. All the hard work out there right now. You've got Newt Gingrich; you've Rush Limbaugh. They're out talking. They have the time and the platform.

The hard work is being done out in the states in the governorships, where this new generation of people is coming up. It's being done in Congress where a new breed of generation -- generation of Republicans is coming through.

Sarah Palin needs to go back and do in Alaska what first gained her the notice of John McCain, which was actually some very pragmatic work that resonated on both sides of the aisles. And that is as a reformer. And that's something that she just needs to go back and continue the record.

BRAZILE: The USS GOP is still without a captain. It's still without a leader, still without a plan of action, and still without a message that will resonate in this new century. So I think they're a long way from coming out of the wilderness.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Donna has teed up the big debate for the green room. You guys are going to continue this. You all can watch it right on

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