Transcript: Sens. Durbin and Kyl

BRAZILE: You know, Michael Jackson was, for members of my generation, he was not just the King of Pop, but he was someone who was able to allow his music to go beyond just the black community. It really helped to define a generation, not just his music, but his dance, his celebrity itself. So this was a real outpouring of grief. This was nothing synthetic. Part of my own childhood died when Michael Jackson was announced dead.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Greatest entertainer of all time?

BRAZILE: I believe so.

WILL: Elvis died but the country didn't go berserk.

BRAZILE: Oh, we celebrated. He was also the king.

DONALDSON: Here's the different. I understand what you're saying, some people say that Michael Jackson was a freak. I don't like the word. But the point is, this time, unlike the Elvis time, many of you, not you, of course, who loved him, want us to love him, too.

Well, do we have to love him? In other words, the coverage seemed to say, at his funeral, apparently, the tickets weren't there. A lot of empty seats. Listening to the commentary, you would think that this was terrible, there had been a crime committed, there had been empty seats there. Hey, like him or don't like him, but don't make the people who didn't like him --

BRAZILE: I'm along with my iPod so that I can bring you up to date with some of this music and then I'll teach you a couple steps.

DONALDSON: What happened to Mitch Miller?

BRAZILE: Who's Mitch Miller?

WOODWARD: What's the lesson in his life and unfortunately, the lesson is the failure of success. Phenomenal success, all of the things that you're talking about are real, but there is the dark side in this that he is --

ROBERTS: Come on. The real lesson is everyone's making money off of this. Come on, the ratings are high. People are watching. All the news business is in trouble financially, and here's a story that people are actually interested in and paying attention to. I don't think it's much more complicated about that.

WOODWARD: Not all people. It's about rise and fall. And there is a fall here. And I think somebody who is in that entertainment world, show business world, I did a book on John Belushi who died of a drug overdose very early in his life. And that, too, is the story of failure and success. DONALDSON: All the Jackson men?

STEPHANOPOULOS: I'll tell you one thing, Speaker Pelosi didn't want to grab onto that resolution.

ROBERTS: No, that resolution was not happening.

STEPHANOPOULOS: No way that is going to have a vote in the House of Representatives.

BRAZILE: But they gave him a moment of silence and that was a fitting tribute to a king.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And that's where we have to end it right now. This is going to continue in the green room.


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