Transcript: Sens. Durbin and Kyl

So these hearings are going to be very important for her to demonstrate that she should be confirmed to sit on the Supreme Court.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator Durbin, you get the last word. Are you confident she can quell these questions of bias that have really been the flashpoint for the first several weeks of this process?

DURBIN: Absolutely, she received the highest possible rating from the American Bar Association, has more judicial experience than any nominee in the last 100 years, the support of law enforcement groups.

She has a compelling life story. She is a restrained and moderate jurist who was put on the bench initially by Republican President George Herbert Walker Bush and promoted by President Clinton. She's an exceptional person. I believe she's going to do very well.

And let me tell you, George, give her high marks. She has met face-to-face now with 89 senators, answered all of their questions. I think she has done an exceptional job preparing for this hearing.

STEPHANOPOULOS: All of that and a cast. We'll all be watching tomorrow.

We're going to go straight to "The Roundtable" now. So as our panelists take their seats. Take a look at these moments from confirmation hearings past.


SANDRA DAY O'CONNOR, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, THEN-NOMINEE: I'm over the hill, I'm not going to be pregnant anymore.

CLARENCE THOMAS, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, THEN-NOMINEE: This is a circus, it's a national disgrace. And from my standpoint as a black American, as far as I'm concerned, it is a high-tech lynching.


SAMUEL ALITO, SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, THEN-NOMINEE: I have to think about people in my own family who suffered discrimination because of their ethnic background, or because of religion or because of gender.

(END VIDEO CLIP) STEPHANOPOULOS: And with that, let me bring in "The Roundtable." I'm joined, as always, by George Will, Donna Brazile, Bob Woodward of The Washington Post, Sam Donaldson, and Cokie Roberts.

And, George, we just heard Senator Kyl talk about the Republican strategy right there. And he had some surprising numbers that I hadn't seen about possible opposition to Judge Sotomayor. But this is pretty much a forgone conclusion.

GEORGE WILL, ABC ANALYST: It is, not least because the Democrats have, and given the candidate it's not surprising, cast this as a question of biography, that her personal attributes are all-important.

There will be two contentious matters. One is the Ricci decision. The lead fireman from the New Haven case is going to testify. And Republicans will stress that all nine justices on the Supreme Court faulted the handling of three-judge panel on which...


STEPHANOPOULOS: Even though not all nine voted that way?

WILL: That's right. But even in the 39-page dissent by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it was faulted. So they all rejected that.

Second, the "wise Latina" comment. And the question is going to be asked her, I'm sure, why is the statue of justice blindfolded? What is it that the law is not supposed to notice and take cognizance of?

STEPHANOPOULOS: And, Cokie, my...


COKIE ROBERTS, ABC ANALYST: The statue of justice has its ears still open and can hear a wise Latina. And I think that here there are differences of tone and accent that will make a difference.

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