Transcript: Kerry, Hatch

DONALDSON: Well, I tried to figure out why all of the elderly people, of which I am one, are against the government programs, since we're all in Medicare. I had my aortic valve replaced -- thank you, taxpayers -- and I did pay some taxes. Over $100,000, I have managed to come up with 1,800 out of my pocket.

Now we are also worried, apparently, that they will cut some of the benefits from Medicare to make up that, so I'd have to come up with $2,100...


DONALDSON: ... $100,000.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And the way the White House tried to solve this problem was by reaching this deal with the pharmaceutical manufacturers where they would agree to...

DONALDSON: Billy Tauzin...


Billy Tauzin, the lobbyist for the pharmaceutical...


STEPHANOPOULOS: But that's the problem. They got the agreement to fill this doughnut hole, which would affect a lot of seniors, but now the Democratic leaders in the Congress are backing away from that deal.

IFILL: That's my point. How exactly do you win a fight where everybody hates your ideas, where everybody hates your approach? WILL: Let me tell you how.


IFILL: And now he's the president. That's his job. It's a hard job. But it's his job.

DONALDSON: You should know what your ideas are to begin with. IFILL: Well, yes.


DIONNE: ... what he wants to do. I think that, you know, between the Hillary Clinton approach, which was unbelievable detail, a 500-person group and zero, there's a lot of room, and he's got to move to more specificity.

CHENEY: The other thing he's got to do is deal with tort reform. The American people fundamentally know that the cost of malpractice is -- is a huge cost savings here.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You heard Senator Kerry -- but, you know, both Bill Bradley in the Times today, but also Senator Kerry, interestingly, seemed to make -- seemed to accept that that could be part of a final deal.

Let's change subjects now and get to the other big news of the week, the attorney general's decision to investigate possible CIA abuses. The president first spoke about this back in February. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: If there are clear instances of wrongdoing, that people should be prosecuted just like any ordinary citizen, but that, generally speaking, I'm more interested in looking forward than I am in looking backwards. (END VIDEO CLIP)

STEPHANOPOULOS: Now, the attorney general made this decision this week, and it wasn't necessarily a decision, I think, the White House was all that happy with, George Will. But it does appear to meet those broad parameters the president laid out. According to -- the attorney general is not going to investigate those who wrote the law. He's not going to investigate the policymakers, only those who went outside the guidelines given to the CIA.

WILL: The president speaks as though he's a disinterested bystander, and the Obama administration's position seems to be, the president cannot control the attorney general -- which is false -- and even more dangerously false, that the attorney general can control this prosecutor. If we've learned anything at all -- and we maybe haven't -- from all the prosecutors we've had in recent years, it is that they get their own momentum, they get their own agenda, they follow what they call the logic of the law, and...

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